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Project Centric Model

How do you respond to an unfamiliar yet highly rewarding project which incidentally falls into your lap? The perfect response to this situation is to get your team ready to take up the challenge. In order to do that, the first step to be taken is to train your team and make them competent with the present challenge. We at VAK provide to you this option, by our ready and updated project specific modules, we get you equipped to make use of your opportunity. Since we know that timely action is of essence, we design our modules to be used and to produce results in the shortest span of time. With our intuitively anticipated project specific programs, we make you always ready to take on the world.

Results Centric Model

When you strive for an assigned track record of results, it helps to have a professional on your side. We provide our corporate training models based on the importance of achieving a particular performance outcome. Be it meeting your corporate goals at a managerial level, or getting that ever elusive performance incentive in your position, or attaining a certain business level by the projected time period, we provide to your every need. Come visit us and let us know your result expectations, and we will come up with a working and effective model to achieve that in the shortest period of time. Once you achieve what you want, we still look out for you in regards of future anticipated needs and come up with our expertly prepared suggestions which will make you necessarily a cut above the rest.

Trining Specific Model

Every organization has an internal ethos system which is deeply imbibed into the structure of it. Within this context, every new recruitment brings in a horde of fresh minds, which need to be properly educated about how things work within the organization. Most of the times, this training taken up by the internal departments, leaves the new entrant confused, intimidated and dazed. Also it hinders the whole work cycle. It is therefore imminent that the whole training process be outsourced to an entity which knows the culture of an organization in and out. We take up corporate training highly dedicated to this idea, and provide a commitment which infuses your structural culture within the new recruitment in a graceful and an intelligent manner.

Hierarchical Centric Model

It is always a good thing to see where you are stepping towards. Every organization now a days have inculcated a hierarchical structure of organization, whereby performance achievements and professional competence usher you to the next higher level of occupation. But how do you get in the mind of your employer and understand his criteria for selecting you? You may use some signs and guesses but those wouldn’t be enough to actually get you through. This is where we at VAK have come up with a model, which derives its ethos from studying industry requirements and specific sectoral needs, and guide you through the process of promotion. We anticipate needs and help you make an informed decision towards ensuring you get that next professional hike.

Customization Centric Model

We have created our modules with utmost care and precision, and to that effect managed to cater to a general need of training requirement. However, as it were, there might be instances whereby you, as an entity or an individual might find some aspects of our modules unsuitable or irrelevant to your goals. This is where our customization tools come into place. Within this ideology, we provide you opportunities to tweak our modules and programs to your preferences. Be it in terms of course hours, facility utilization or program compatibility, you get only the things you need and nothing else. With an added advantage of our specialist guiding system, we ensure that you never miss out on anything important as well. This agile model of programs, as opposed to a waterfall approach, makes the module training a highly involving and enriching experience.

Community Centric Model

In all of our services, we hold pride in contributing something to the society’s growth and prosperity. The idea behind our community involving activities is to inculcate a sense of responsibility in our collaborations towards enhancing the community we strive in. Our first step in such activity is arrange for intellectual meetups, which brings in professional peers from various facets of life, under one roof. Therefore, these meetups usually bring out the best ideologies applicable towards a particular project and topic. Also, these meetup discussions provide help to all the classes of professionals within the city, to absorb knowledge thus obtained. In turn, establishing a cultural dynamic which further propels a community to achieve synergy based results and defining a nation per se.


VAK has given me a really great opportunity to realise my potential and design my resume in a way that I am now applying to only those companies which help me realise my career dream.

Soumya Rao, Digital Analyst

I have found great use for the industry specific training that VAK has imparted on our new recruits. This saves our resource costs, and more importantly ensures that the people come into our structure ready to take on the projects.

Samuel Raj, Entrepreneur

Me and My friends have always wanted a program which puts our needs in priority, and more so for our new projects, which sometimes require us to go beyond our present work framework.

Sangeetha Mehra,

Now, with VAK , guiding me to my next career step, I can see where my future leads me to. Hierarchical training by this organisation helps me chart my course in accordance with Industry standards.

Rajashekhar Hirananda, Consultant