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Open House Training

Open House Training

At VAK services, we believe that infrastructural limitations, shouldn’t come in the way of imparting knowledge. Also, factors such as timings, distance, facilities etc. should not hamper the flow of data. Keeping in mind these hurdles that may arise from time to time, we have come up with the idea of Open House Training. Through this innovative concept, we provide training modules at your doorstep at your convenience.

Gone are the days of adjusting your office timings, taking a list full of permissions, travelling through the gruelling traffic, and reaching a far-off place for a mere training of three or so. We provide a solution that serves to overcome all these problems. In fact, we will bring the whole module service to your doorstep. Removing the whole hassle of technicalities, we let you dwell on our modules straight away. On-demand trainers who arrive at your office, at a time that you choose as per your convenience, is the prime crux of this program.

Start to finish customization, regarding the type of muddles needed, the trainers required, and highly flexible packages, you get what you see and how you see it. This door deliverance, however, is never compromised in the process. We ensure that the programs are processed and tailored to meet the expectations of trainees and within the confines of client organizational structure.

Handpicking Projects For You

We understand that time and tide waits for none. This is more relevant when we are talking about projects which knock at your door every once in a while. Which has the potential to take your business to the next level? Of course, you may face situations where you or your team might not have the requisite expertise when it comes to dealing with the new project.

In addition to this, you may be in a situation which does not allow you for attending the training facilities located away from your office. That’s where our Open House, to your door training delivery comes in. Once, we come up to your door, all you need to do is getting the best of both worlds in a stress-free way.

Establishing Development Channels

Having said this, what makes us stand apart in the field of corporate training, is our intuitive and all round improving designed modules for any hierarchy of employees. We take care in designing our modules so that we are just left for them to be implemented, and ensure that they follow the blueprint to achieve a successful transition. However, can we just create a module, execute them, and leave it at that. But then, that would not differentiate us from our nearest competition. If ever there was one.

What makes us better than more, is the fact that our module development is based on a continuous synchronous feedback from our experts, trainees, clients, and organisations. All these inputs from a different point of views help us congregate and construct an ideology which supports you get the best all scenario compatible modules. We, including our study analysts, research and development teams, industry pundits and more importantly the trainees who are actively participating, tend to better your organisational needs every single time.