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Training Infrastructure

Training Infrastructure

Our training facilities run on a perfect balance of innovation and technology and yet rely on providing standard care on an individual basis. Our state of the art infrastructure ensures that you undergo your corporate training with zero interference and limitation of any sort. We are located in the most technologically advanced IT park in the city; we derive our capabilities at enhanced levels.

  • High-speed Wi-Fi availability
  • Zero downtime of servers
  • Centrally air-conditioned training rooms
  • Uninterrupted power supply
  • Projector loaded faculties
  • Many more formulate our advanced features

Our packages are modelled in such a way that the trainees experience their training in the most conducive environment ever. Special access cards give them access to our huge repositories for reference purposes, and staying for if they can to utilize the facilities provided within the package. Being centrally located within the heart of the city, VAK services facility center is well connected to every nook and corner of the city. With travel options, available all through the day and night, you need not worry about practically anything at all. All you need to be concerned with, is utilizing our resources in the most effective manner. Our belief in providing to, your world class facilities is always taken care of at our facilities.

Systems Which Work Wonders

What you require when you need to run perhaps the most complicated coded programs for your next project? You need your systems to run at blazingly fast speed. No knowledge centre can claim to be a great one if it can’t provide for the minimum requirements of its clients and trainees. With zero downtime facilities at our disposal, leave it to us when you are looking for heading to your next big step. You don’t have to bother about anything, at least on the infrastructural front. With non-stop infra support around the clock, you can be assured of the quality of training never to go down.